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100% of your donation will go towards serving families in need.

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As our way of saying THANK YOU to our community for supporting our growth and success over the years, we are giving back to those who need it most. Every month, Eat Suite will prepare and deliver dinner to a local family in need. These families will be selected based on your nominations (see our nomination form below). You can nominate yourself or someone else. 

We define "family" as openly as possible. That includes blood and chosen families, adoptive/foster, cross-generational, childless, extended, etc. And we define "in need" as anyone who would greatly appreciate and benefit from having a healthy, nutritious, home-cooked meal but might not be able to without assistance of some sort. Like, folks who lack access to wholesome food choices for any reason. Or those with special dietary needs that are difficult for them to fulfill. Or those who don't have the means to prepare their own food.

Our goal is to develop this further as we move along, but this a great place for us to start and we are SO excited! For the time being, the family you nominate should reside within our operational delivery zone or be close enough to our production facility in Pinole for a quick pickup.


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