Meal Trains

A meal can make a difference

Meal trains are a wonderful way to show love and support for someone during significant life events such as death, illness, recovery, accident, relocation, financial hardship, or other transitions. Thank you for considering Eat Suite to host your meal train needs. We feel honored and take great pride in being part of this gift you have chosen to give. 

The food we prepare is made with love and the intention of healing. Simply said, it's food for the soul. 

This is how our meal trains work:

  • You submit the form below
  • We contact you to go over the details
  • We setup a public or private, password-protected page to host your meal train
  • We match every $30 contribution with an additional meal which reduces the rate per meal to $7.50 (our standard rate is $10/meal) 
  • We create a menu and do the shopping, cooking, and packaging as well as the scheduling and deliveries or pickups at no additional cost

If your meal train requires delivery outside of our service zone or regular delivery schedule, it may result in an additional fee. Feel free to contact us via email at if you have questions which are not addressed on this page. Otherwise, please use the form below to submit information regarding the person in need. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Eat Suite will match each $30 contribution with an additional meal. 


Meal Train Request Form

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When would you like this meal train to start?
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