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Our Weekly Meal Prep Service offers an array of lunch and dinner selections, specialty breakfast items, and fully cooked and seasoned proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables sold by the pound. Both residential and business delivery is available for this service. 



The date at the top of the order form corresponds to the week which deliveries will occur. Orders must be placed by 7:00pm on the Friday preceding that date. No new orders, order cancellations, or order modifications will be accepted after this deadline. The order form may close early if items are sold out. There is a $55 minimum for all orders.



Deliveries are made between 9:00am and 6:00pm to the East Bay on Mondays, and between 12:00pm and 6:00pm to San Francisco on Tuesdays.


Residential Deliveries: $10

  • Minimum order of $55 not including delivery fee. Applies to the discounted amount, not the amount before any discounts are applied  
  • Delivery address must be located within boundaries indicated on map image
  • Customer must provide their own cooler to accept delivery. Please leave a hard or soft cooler in an easily accessible area on your porch and add freezer packs if you will not be home during the delivery window* 

*Should you fail to leave out your cooler on delivery day, please email us at EatSuite@gmail.com to coordinate a day and time to pickup your order from our storage facility.


Business Deliveries: $15

  • Minimum order of $55 not including delivery fee. Applies to the discounted amount, not the amount before any discounts are applied 
  • Delivery address must be located within boundaries indicated on map image
  • Street (within 2 blocks) or lot parking must be available for our driver
  • Must have cold storage available on site to store your order


Delivery Zones

East Bay delivery zone boundary. 

San Francisco delivery zone boundary.

San Francisco delivery zone boundary.



Our clear portion cups, parfait cups, foil pans, and black containers are recyclable. Please feel free to keep, reuse, or recycle them on your own or return them to us at your next pickup or delivery and we will recycle them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. do you offer meal plans, meal planning programs, or meal packages?

No. To put it simply, we are a catering business that offers a weekly meal prep service. Think about it as takeout from a restaurant that's only open on Mondays & Tuesdays. You order what and however much you want at your own will. 



Our focus is food that is rich in heart healthy fats, lean proteins, and contains no refined sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives, or GMO. We are all about quality and freshness. Everything we prepare for you, from our seasoning blends and batters to our dressings and marinades, is made in-house from scratch. We often collaborate with other food artisans to bring you a one-of-a-kind dish but we will always make that very clear on our ingredients listing. 

Our land animal proteins are organic, halal, and pasture-raised whenever possible. Our sea animal proteins are always sustainably wild-caught. Our produce is seasonal and organic. All of our meals are gluten free or gluten optional and sourced as locally as possible. 

On the description of each menu item on the order form you will see any of the the following abbreviations:

  • H = HALAL   (permissible for Muslims to eat under Islamic Shari'ah)
  • LC = LOW CARB   (20g net carbs or less)
  • P = PALEO   (no grains, beans/legumes, soy, or dairy but we give a thumbs up to all roots and tubers) 
  • V = VEGETARIAN   (no animal flesh; may contains dairy, eggs, or honey)


A few of our preferred distributors:




The ingredients list as well as the caloric and macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, & fat) profiles for our dishes can be found here. Pricing for all items can be found on our order form.



There are many factors that influence how long your food will last including personal preference. We do not use preservatives in our dishes and always use fresh ingredients (never frozen). Here are some tips to get the most out of your order:

  • If you ever order a salad, seafood, or any dish containing raw ingredients, you should consider eating that first. 
  • Your meals will last up to 4 days from pickup or delivery if stored in their airtight containers at safe temperatures (at or below 40F). The more often you expose the food to air, light, or changes in temperature, the faster it will spoil.
  • All of our meals are prepared at the same time so none is more fresh than the other. 
  • We do not recommend freezing our meals. Doing so may compromise the texture, taste, and/or quality of the dish. 



We find this to be a matter of personal preference particular to each dish, but we do offer the following recommendations:

  • Use the oven, toaster oven, or stovetop when available, as opposed to the microwave, to reheat your meals.
  • If you must use the microwave, do not heat your food in the containers we package them in. Although they are food grade, BPA-free, and microwave-safe, we still believe plastics should be heated only as a last resort. Paper plates/bowls or your dishes at home are a better choice if available. 



We update our "Lunch & Dinner" menu every Monday while our "Specialty Breakfast" and "Food by the Pound" menus change with the seasons. 

DISCLAIMER: Some meals may be delivered with slightly different ingredients than featured on the menu due to unavailability. Any changes or substitutions made will fit within the original caloric and macronutrient profile of the dish. 

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