Food without question.

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Servicing the San Francisco East Bay Area, Eat Suite offers meal prep delivery and pickup of nutritious, no bullshit food.

And we are Proud to be queer & Black owned! 


Eat Suite began as a simple food-porn Facebook page. That's right, I started a page just to make people drool over my delicious and beautiful culinary creations! Well, pretty soon I had folks asking for recipes. Then they started asking me to help them to learn how to cook. Then they started asking me to cook for them. And...here we are today! 

I'm a Cali born and raised self-taught chef. My food is fresh, flavorful, and made with locally-sourced ingredients which are always grown and harvested sustainably and humanely. Although my menu tends to lean more towards a Paleo approach, I'm not afraid of carbs and I would never deny anyone the pleasure of a potato just because some guy said it's evil. If it grows in the ground, thrives in the sea, or lives off the land, you can find it on our menu!      <3 Chae



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Pesto Pasta
from 11.50

Quinoa penne loaded with roasted veggies and tossed with basil pesto and ground heritage turkey. 

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Beef Stew
from 11.00

Ground beef with potatoes and vegetables slow cooked in spices. Served with homemade roti*. (*contains a quality, imported wheat flour)

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Southwestern Shrimp Salad
from 13.75

Romaine lettuce with Cajun-spiced shrimp, corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado and southwest dressing.

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Chicken Chili Verde
from 11.50

Chicken thighs slow cooked in a tomatillo and chili sauce served with corn flour tortillas (GF). 

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