Paleo & Primal Vegan Delivery

For family folks, people on-the-go, meat-eaters, vegans, and everyone in between. Come home to delicious, nutritious meals made with sustainable, humane, organic, local, seasonal ingredients, and lots of love. Food you can feel good about, and food that makes you feel good!

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  • Programs for Locals & Non-Locals
  • Customized Meal Planning
  • Photo Food Journaling
  • Grocery Store Trip 
  • Cooking Class

"...the thing that I learned most in this challenge was preparedness."  

-Nick, 35, ass-kicking vegetarian 

The Suite life is for you!

The moment when you decide that you are in charge of your health and happiness; that's when you know you're ready to set goals, work hard, and change your life. So, where do I come in? My coaching style is one of empowerment to encourage you to consider all aspects of wellbeing but focus on how you nourish your body. My program is designed to meet you wherever you're at, and help you learn how to make choices that make you feel good inside and out. I'm here to lead you. And, when you are open to guidance and you believe in yourself, that's when the magic happens. Learning, improving, growing, changing, evolving, becoming a better you...that's what you can expect from joining the Eat Suite revolution!

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